4eBlu Pumping System

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New Pumping System for In Bay Automatics!

  • Simple design
  • Direct feed pumps replace electric motors and procon pumps
  • Easy to adjust chemical flow for a more accurate and consistent dilution
  • Main water pump helps low pressure sites and allows for hot water applications
  • Individual concentrate tanks
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Arimitsu 35 gpm pump

93000 Series Super Vacs

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The 93000 Series Super Vacs are oval in shape and are made of stainless steel construction. All are equipped with Countdown Timers and Electronic Coin Acceptors. The Super Vac is also available in combination with a Hot Foam Shampooer or a Misty Fragrance Machine. Your choice of dome color, decal graphics, vacuum hose and awning will enhance the look of your vacuums.

For more detailed information click here

94000 Series Vacuums

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94000SeriesVacsState-of-the-art equipment from an industry expert, the 94000 Series Vacuums are constructed of high quality, stainless steel. Our affordable dual-function vacuums mean long life, dependability and a higher return on our dollar than any other equipment. Round in shape, the 94000 Series Vacuums make an attractive vacuum at your car wash with your choice of dome color and matching decal graphics.

Air & Water / Air & Vacuum

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air_water_vacsThe 92060 Air & Water Machine and the 131 Air & Vacuum Machine provide customers an extra benefit when offering these at your site. Both units are made of durable stainless steel and have electronic coin acceptors. These units are also available with a pedestal or pole mount.


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Rinse Curtain Arch
rinseCurtainArchHanna’s Rinse Curtain was designed for car wash operators interested in a practical approach to applying rinse, wax or spot-free water. The Rinse Curtain Arch uses gravity to produce a shower of water that provides no misting. It is an excellent choice for short drip spaces or car washes with multiple dryer fans. It is available with up to 3 rows of precision cut holes, and can be purchased as a Rinse Curtain Arch or single manifold.
More Info

versaArchVersa Arch
The versa arch is constructed of 1-1/2” tubular stainless steel. The structure and manifold are combined, which gives a clean refined image for the motorist. It is virtually a maintenance free component for the operator and can be installed by one person in just minutes. The design allows for any chemical or water application. Priced right without compromising quality or durability.
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Image Arch
imageArchHanna’s Image Arch combines an attractive appearance with a functional approach to applying chemical solutions to a vehicle. The arch’s stainless steel construction and bright finish compliments any car wash both, full service or express exterior.
The Image arch is often used as a marketing tool. You can add standard or even custom colored graphics to the Arch to add visibility of special products and to help up-selling the consumers.
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graphicsArchGraphics Arch

The Graphic arch combines decorative stainless steel with a 1-1/2” stainless steel manifold, similar to the Versa Arch, which is neatly hidden to maximize the appearance of the arch.

The structure and manifold are combined, which gives a clean refined image for the motorist. You can choose between standard or custom graphics. The arch allows for any chemical or water application. This unique design allows the operator the flexibility to select graphics (basic or custom) to aid in the sales of extra services products.
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Awnings and Mansards

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awning1From the first phase to the last, the manufacturing of an car wash awning has the customer in mind. Working from conceptual drawings generated by the Graphics and Drafting Departments, skilled welders shape durable, lightweight aluminum into the design specifications of the framework.

Whether it is a convex, concave, bullnose or an elongated-shaped frame and designed to shelter a vacuum, vendor island, or doorway; the frame is unique to the purpose and position of the car wash awning.

For more information on Awnings and Mansards

awning2 awning3

Bill Changers

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billchangersBill Changers are a convenience for your customers. Without a bill changer, you could lose customers. Many models of changers are available including major names such as Rowe and Hamilton. You may choose from several sizes, capacities, front or rear load, single or dual, and money change/pay options. Brochures are available with detailed specifications for changers as well as a wider selection.

Brushless Systems

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brushlessSystemsHanna pioneered the high-volume car wash industry and has continued breaking new ground with innovations such as Hanna’s Hand Wash and Touch Free Systems. No other company has a high-pressure system that covers 100 percent of vertical and horizontal vehicle surfaces. Hanna’s brushless wash systems’ arches (Wax, Final Rinse and Clearcoat) apply the correct amount of solutions, eliminating waste while providing a remarkable shiny finish to the vehicle.

Chemicals – Save Big Save now

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TRIPLEFOAMBRUSHXAuto Mate has partnered with companies that manufacture the highest quality car wash products at fair prices.  Most other chemical manufactures have huge marketing campaigns that cost huge dollars to maintain.  That cost is eventually passed on to you.  The companies we represent believe the reason their products are so frequently chosen is because they work and they provide value to you.  In most cases we’ve been able to increase show and performance while saving operators between 20-50% of their current chemical expenses.  Contact us today for a complete price list and on site evaluation.


Compact Systems

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Compact Systems

compactSystemsHanna’s compact system pack all the power and efficiency of a conveyor system into a smaller package. After years of research, Hanna has developed the perfect balance of innovative wash material, equipment and chemical application to bring compact systems into the 21st century. Hanna’s advanced washing technology allows for more effective drying with less drip space.


Hanna’s Global Mini-Tunnel can fit in most standard rollover bays and can wash 35 to 60 cars per hour. Utilizing the most productive combination of Hanna brush components, the Global Systems is able to thouroughly wash the top horizontal and vertical surface of the vehicle. A common complaint from in-bay operators is that they just don’t was cars fast enough and long lines encourage drive-offs and missed opportunities. Hanna’s mini-tunnel is twice as fast as most in-bay automatics, which means it can double you wash volume while reducing drive-offs, turning your rollover bay into a true profit center.


Hanna’s Metrowash packs the power and efficiency of a conveyor system into a smaller package. The Metrowash can process up to 85 cars per hour and fit in a building as short as 40 feet (12.2 meters) long. It is configured for quick and esy installation and low maintenance costs. The Metrowash features mitter curtain washers to minimize the potential for vehicle incident. The Metrowash is the easiest investment decision you’ll make. Plus, operators appreciate how simple the system is to operate.


Converting a bay is easy as 1-2-3!

1)  Let us help you analyze your existing car wash, we will evaluate it’s revenue potential, it’s feasibility for adding the “CONVERT A BAY” package and will provide free business projections and renderings for qualified customers.
2)  We will provide a proposal and complete drawings of the “Convert A Bay” with full detail to assist you with installation and permitting if necessary.
3)  The installation and construction process is simple! See the “step by step” picture study of a “Convert A  Bay” installation, just click the Convert A Bay tab.  Installation can be completed in just days – not weeks or months! It’s fast, efficient, attractive and economical.

We have a full line of Istobal automatics designed to work with the “Convert A Bay” package, ask about “Express On Rails” packages washing up to 25 cars per hour with CTA, Tri Foam, Dual Action Wheel Scrubber, High Pressure, Soft Touch, Wax, Spot Free Rinse and Conditioner. Revenues have been as high as $300 per hour during peak demand! Imagine a high speed – high revenue automatic or conveyor in one of your self serve bays. It will keep out competition and make your car wash more profitable and valuable. Call 888-927-4631 and ask about Convert A Bay!


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Correlator provides trouble-free alignment of vehicles as they enter the conveyor system. It allows for 12′ (30.48 cm) of lateral movement for the vehicles’ front and rear wheels – ensuring proper alignent upon the conveyor. The Hanna Correlator is designed for years of reliable performance utilizing solid steel construction, 18 cast iron support wheels and a spring-loaded top deck. It is designed for safety as well as function.


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eFusionThe eFusion System is designed to effectively clean a vehicle using our unique SparkleSoft foam brushes. SparkleSoft is a strong, hushed and delicate product that glides over the vehicle’s surface, enhancing the gloss and luster, wash after wash. The brushes employ the unique Multi-Axis Coordinated Motion Control to position them.
We’ve taken the durability factor of the stainless frame and added three (3) soft touch brushes and an optional wheel brush. The system is extremely versatile with performance options such as High Pressure Wash, Hot Wax, Spot Free Rinse and much more. The eFusion is totally programmable to fit your wash needs and to maximize your profits.

Electronic Vending

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electronicVendingCompleting your car wash with the latest technology is Electronic Vending. Electronic Vending Islands are ready for installation by simply bolting down and pouring concrete. you decide the number of vendors and your product choice.  Is available with Swipe-N-Clean Meter and Electronic Coin Acceptor.


  • Single Electronic Coin Acceptor
  • Greater Coin Capacity
  • Single Point of Collection
  • Credit Card Capable
  • Large Capacity Keyed Vault
  • Low Voltage Power
  • Bill Acceptance Available


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Istobal’s “MODULAR ENCLOSURES” are the industries fastest most cost efficient way to house your car washing equipment and business. Built of aluminum, galvanized steel columns, polycarbonate and dual pane glass, the Istobal enclosures are as attractive as they are practical.  Modular in design, available in over 20 colors that perfectly match Istobal washing equipment, your own car wash identity is just a click away! Self -serve , automatic,  twin automatics, conveyor, multiple configurations are available!  Imagine a beautiful, safe, attractive car wash enclosure constructed on your site and in operation in less than two weeks! The Istobal enclosures are constructed in 10.5 (Ten & One Half) foot sections and 1 (One) meter sections.  This allows for an unlimited amount of length and design criteria.  Whatever your space requirement is Istobal enclosures can fill your needs.  Istobal enclosures cost less to build, are inviting to your customers, and get you in business faster than any other system on the market today! With Istobal enclosures and our design services you truly can go from “Dirt to Dollars” in just a few days!

Express Exterior Systems

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Express Exterior Systems

expressExteriorSystemsHanna’s Ultra Express is the best choice for operators who want the look of impeccably clean, hand-finished vehicles without the labor. Through years of experience and extensive testing, Hanna has designed the most effective system for getting vehicles exceptionally clean. The secret is the right combination of chemicals, high-pressure equipment, and brushes – a 3-step configuration that optimizes cleaning performance.

  • No prepping
  • Cleaned to a shine
  • Better than hand drying

Hanna’s UltraExpress conveyor system utilizes a combinastion of high-pressure water applicators, soft cloth and foam brushes for the perfect balance of gentle yet effective cleaning. The UltraExpress System is configured to minimize vehicle incident while providing motorists with an open and inviting view through the car wash. The UltraExpress System addresses hard to clean areas such as wheels, bumpers and window edges. Hanna’s UltraExpress System utilizes five decades of car wash innovation to maximize cleaning and minimize labor.

Express On Rails

The Istobal “EXPRESS ON RAILS” combines the revenue enhancing features of the Istobal conveyorized tunnels with the reliability and efficiency of the Istobal M+ rollovers in a staged drive thru concept. This concept increases cleaning capability, value added and higher average wash tickets while increasing throughput without adding labor, labor costs or the difficulties associated with loading conveyors. The “Express On Rails” provides the revenues and profits necessary to meet the high costs associated with buying land, developing and operating car washes in the USA today!

A typical layout would consist of the following components & equipment:

Entry Arch: Our decorative “Portico” applies presoaks & specialty chemicals to tires, wheels, rocker panels and for seasonal cleaning needs such as bug dissolvers.  A time saving value enhancing service all customers see and experience.

High Pressure Blaster: High pressure blasters up to 2500 PSI are focused on cleaning and blasting the soils on the rocker panels, wheels and tires a value added service customers see and feel.

M+ Automatic Rollover: The M+ series rollover is the heart of the “Express On Rails” and will utilize amperage sensing Carlite soft foam modules and contouring high pressure with counter rotating dual action wheel scrubbers to gently, thoroughly clean and polish the vehicle in as little as two minutes. Istobal technology allows for foam, high pressure, Carlite soft wash, wheel scrubbers all to be in action at the same time. Customers are impressed with the show and the cleaning is safe, gentle and efficient!

Super Wax: A decorative arch is used to apply value added revenue enhancing waxes and conditioners like RainX, Lustra and Shield type products as customers drive from the washing position. The time saving drive thru process is initiated by signage on the arch a stainless steel spot free rain effect nozzle manifold can be added to the Super Wax arch for customers whom have limited tunnel length.

Spot Free Rinse: Is applied by a stainless steel arch with a strategically designed nozzle pattern to provide a shining, spot free finish for your customers. again saving time and enhancing the value and the finished product.

Tire Shiner:   Can be placed between the spot free and dryer to provide that full service touch, more value for your customers without adding time to the wash process.

Dryer:  We offer several different stand alone dryer designs and configurations from 45HP wall and floor mounted up to 120HP with oscillating top and or side blowers. Also we are most proud of the Istobal Intelli Dry which is the industries first contouring drive thru end of bay dryer. The Intelli Dry receives information about the vehicle being dried during the wash phase from the Istobal M+ and then lowers its horizontal blowers to just above the roof line.  This unique process increases the airs impact on the vehicles surface allowing its owners to use much less horsepower and its saves electricity and reduces noise pollution.

Controller: To coordinate all of the cleaning technology, apply just the right amount of chemicals, to guide the customers through the process and to create just the right ambiance a controller is required. Istobal designs and manufactures the Express Controller, designed just for the “Express On Rails” it has the built in capacity to activate each component and the technology to adjust to each individual vehicle and to the ever changing conditions with the car wash.


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The FusionX, friction rollover automatic car wash system is designed around the cleaning success of the Water Wizard 2.0 high pressure automatic car wash stystem. Which is one of the components of the FusionX car wash friction system. The high pressure wash in this system includes all the features and benefits of a complete Water Wizard 2.0 unit. We’ve taken the durability factor of the stainless frame and added three (3) soft touch brushes and an optional wheel brush. Customers can choose any type of wash they desire, soft touch only, high pressure only or any combination thereof according to the wash cycles the operator has created.

Hybrid Wash System

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hybridSystems_actionThe space-saving Hybrid Systems redesigned around the versatile and costeffective Stack-N-Scrub frame system (SNS) This unique frame system can integrate a variety of wash components to allow for higher volume washing in any Express System. Two sets of flex wraps, a mitter curtain and a set of rocker panel brushes fit a conveyor space as short as 24 feet.

Istobal Product Line

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K9000 Dog Wash

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“K9000 Dog Wash” uses the Australian made K9000 Self Service Dog Wash that allows dog owners to wash their pets in a fun, safe, effective and affordable way while getting dogs clean at a fraction of what groomers charge.

“Happy dogs mean happy people.” said Cody Elder, co-owner of “Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash”.  ”We see how popular the concept is becoming in Europe and Australia and wanted to bring the idea to Texas”.

For $10 dogs can be washed, de-flead, conditioned, rinsed and dried in a matter of minutes.  It’s all done in an easy to use self-contained, self serve unit keeping the dog happy and safe.   Last year, pet owners spent $41 billion dollars on their pets.  It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

“Dog owners treat their dogs like part of the family, and we wanted to make sure they have a place to get their dogs clean and have fun at the same time” said Elder.

The “K9000 Dog Wash” has become a fun innovative pet care center at more than 100 locations across Australia.  The Midland location will be the first of its kind in the United States.


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Announcing the simplest brush system in the world.  “LINK-IT“  is the first  brush system without limits for wash machines. After many hours spent on research and many days devoted to development and testing, Istobal is proud to present a brand new system for attaching brushes which is both simple and versatile.  Say GOODBYE to the limits and disadvantages of conventional brush systems, and welcome instead the revolutionary brush fitting system for automatic vehicle wash machines.

Ready to discover it ingenious simplicity?

M’NEX 22

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The new ”M’NEX 22″  model combines the highest quality wash with an innovative and attractive new design.  A rollover with great possibilities thanks to the modular philosophy of its design.  This unique feature means a long list of optional extras can be added to the standard M’NEX 22 to make it the most complete and reliable of machines.

Configuration of up to 15 different programs with complete flexibility and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer.  A silent, gentle yet effective wash, designed to pamper the vehicle. Perfect control of the pressure applied by the three brushes makes this possible.

The new generation of M’NEX Rollovers is outstanding in so many ways and all of them important for our customers because it has a virtue which makes it different: its adaptability.  The systems of this range have been designed and developed to cover each and every need, and have infinite optional items to create the perfect machine.

Meters and Vaults

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meterSeveral models of car wash bay marketing meters are available for your self-service car wash.
Manufactured of stainless steel, these meter boxes are designed with your choice of single or dual coin drop and are available in two sizes. The 23000 car wash bay Meter is equipped with a digital countdown timer that indicate price and time remaining. The 24000 Bay Meter has “Bay ready For Use” and “Timer On” indicator lights.

For more information on Vaults


vaultsSeveral models of car wash bay meters are available for your self-service car wash. Manufactured of stainless steel, these meter boxes are designed with your choice of single or dual coin drop and are available in two sizes. The 2300 Bay Meter is equipped with a digital countdown timer that indicates price and time remaining. The 24000 Bay Meter has “Bay Ready For Use” and “Timer On’ indicator lights. Meters are offered in multiple configurations. Most can be designed to accept one and five dollar bills, multiple coin types and code entry. The 23000 series has available an eight or ten position rotary switch or the Select-N-Touch keypad and has a digital countdown timer.

For more information on Meters


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mitterHFTMFinishing Touch Mitter (HFTM)

Finishing Touch Cloth Mitter The Hanna Finishing Touch Mitter (HFTM) features two stainless steel mitter baskets that hold 160 cloth curtain strips. The baskets move diagonally opposite creating a fi gure eight curtain motion. This unique motion cleans the top horizontal surfaces of any vehicle and also does an excellent job of cleaning hard to reach vertical surfaces.
More Info

mitterHSS-2HSS-2 Mitter

Hanna’s HSS-2 Cloth Mitter was designed to clean the top horizontal surfaces of any vehicle. The front to back cleaning motion gently cleans the vehicle without incident to roof racks, roof lights and antennas.
More Info

Hanna Diagonal Touch Mitter (HDTM)

Hanna’s Diagonal Touch Mitter is designed for short systems and small spaces, although it can easily be added to any existing system. Compared to most other small-space mitters, Hanna’s Digital Touch Mitter has more action and delivers superior cleaning results. It is constructed of stainless steel and includes one HFTM curtain rack with 40 soft cloth curtains.
More Info

S-20 Mitter

The S-20 Mitter Curtain is designed to use side-to-side motion to effectively clean the hood, windshield and roof of the vehicle. It consists of three solid curtains that gently clean the vehicle without incident to roof racks, roof lights and antennas, while still forming to the shape of the vehicle.
More Info

Mr. Zippy’s Purified Ice and Water


Mr. Zippy’s Express Ice and Water House’s patented and innovative process is a revolutionary approach to delivering purified water and ice in a coin operated vending machine. This free-standing kiosk can deliver both purified ice and purified water to the consumer.

Read more here at Mr. Zippy’s Purified Ice and Water Machine

Power Pack

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powerpackThe POWER PACK Car Wash Pump System is designed and engineered for locations where space is limited. The Power Pack self-service car wash pump system is designed for the space conscious. The modular stainless steel framework is about 25% shorter but still includes most of the same features as the Super Saver 2500.
Similar to the SUPER SAVER, the POWER PACK is made of the same durable stainless steel and can have all of the same in-bay functions such and tire/engine cleaner, foaming brush, high pressure rinse and wax. The POWER PACK can be ordered with optional onboard medium or low pressure spot-free rinse or low pressure pre-soak. These two optional features may be just what you need to give you that competitive edge.

Quality Parts In House

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Auto Mate offers 24/7 service for your car wash facility.  We have over 50 years of combined experience installing and repairing all types and brands of car wash equipment.    We service our customers out of our warehouse locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our facilities are fully stocked with chemicals and the most common and critical parts to keep your car wash operating.  If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually get it from out vendor/manufacturer partners quickly.

RCV Conveyor

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Hanna’ 6 Wheel Pushers, Roller on Demand and Hannatron Guidrails are all Hanna Innovations that are widely accepted throught out hte industry. Hanna’s RCV (Over and Under) Conveyor is designed to gently move vehicles in multiple succession throughout the car wash tunnel with 6-wheel Pusher assemblies. Tapered guide rails and roller bar assemblies, ensure a safe and easy entrance onto the conveyor. Hannatron high density polymer is attached to the conveyor guiderails to avoid scratching wheels and insure smooth travel. Hanna’s Roller On Demand allows vehicles entering the carwash to stop, without interruptin the washing of vehicles in processs. No wonder it is the industry’s best selling conveyor.
For more information visit the RCV Conveyor page at the Hanna Website

Self Serve Car Wash Equipment

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selfServeWhile many businesses may produce profits, the self service car wash business will bring profits much more pleasurably. The in-bay car wash industry is a unique one. It offers high income potential by allowing for low labor cost and inventory.

Owning a car wash can be expanded into related areas such as full service, exterior automatic and detail centers. The in-bay self serve car wash is an industry which offers car cleaning services to the motoring consumers who can wash their own vehicle. By vehicle, we mean that you can wash cars, trucks, boats, campers or anything that is portable. With this in mind, imagine how many “dirty” vehicles are in your area alone!

Today’s Modern Car Wash

In the beginning, self-service in bay car washes offered limited services which were simply high pressure wash and rinse with vacuums for the inside of the vehicle. Today, the car wash facility has developed into a complete car care center with a wide rang of services in income producing options that include:

  • selfServeVacCount down timers
  • Low pressure pre-soak
  • Low pressure tire/engine cleaner
  • High pressure hot soft water wash
  • Foaming brush for scrubbing action
  • High pressure clear cold soft water rinse
  • High and low pressure Clear Coat Protectant
  • Low pressure spot-free rinse
  • Bug Remover
  • Powerful vacuum cleaners
  • Interior fragrance machine
  • Interior shampooer machine
  • Interior fragrance machine
  • Vending products
  • Polyshell TripleShine® Conditioner
  • Triple Color Foam Brush
selfServeFoamBrush selfServeWheel

Single Unit Vacuums

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singleVacThe 28010 Hot Foam Carpet Shampooer and the 46010 Misty Fragrance Machine provide all the benefits of the 94040 and the 94050 models but without the vacuum. Both units are made of durable stainless steel and have electronic coin acceptors. These units are available with a pedestal or pole mount.

Smart Link Express

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smartlinkExpressActionHanna’s Smart Link Systems combine advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment in a fast and easy to install car wash system. The Smart Link integrates most all required back room support equipment such as water plumbing, chemical plumping units, pneumatic controls, computer systems and motor controls. The package comes preplumbed and pre-wired in the factory saving hours of installation cost and start-up diagnostics.

For more information visit Hanna’s Website


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SplashNDashSplash-N-Dash is a single bay self-contained car wash. It offers a wide variety of features including low pressure Tire/engine Cleaner using a special cutting solution to remove oxidized fire film and strips away engine grease and grime. High Pressure Wash ensures thorough cleaning, a soft-bristled foaming brush scrubs away hardened road scum. High pressure crystal clear water for a clean rinse. Finally a High-Gloss Wax to preserve and protect the finish. The equipment arrives pre-wired and plumbed, is fully assembled and ready to install wherever electrical power and fresh water connections are available. This stainless steel ensures all weather performance in any climate providing corrosion resistant, maintenance free care.
International models available

Super Saver

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supersaverThe Super Saver Model 2500 Car Wash Pumping System is the operator’s choice. Loaded with the most advanced technology in the industry, this system can deliver an outstanding performance as well as give you years of trouble free service. The Super Saver is ideal for your multiple bay car wash or for remodeled locations. The modular system includes the most popular self-service car wash functions on a pre-wired and pre-plumbed stainless steel framework. It arrives at your site ready to go and has a complete bay package as well. This car wash system is available with on-board Reverse Osmosis Spot-Free Rinse and with the optional Money Manager Accounting System.

Swipe @ the Bay

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Car Wash Credit Card System

swipeatthebaySwipe at the Bay – Car Wash Credit Card System• The First All-In-One device that keeps track of Cash, and Credit, without having ugly add-on boxes.

• SATB® brings credit card processing to Bays, and Vacuums.

• In-Bay Audio includes easy to follow instructions to guide your customers through the use of a credit card or cash. The audio helps customers keep track of the current wash function and the amount of time remaining (cash mode).

• 5W Audio Amplifier with water resistant speaker enclosure.

• SATB® uses a patent pending technology to authorize every credit
credit card transaction before granting service – preventing you from losing money on denied or stolen credit card accounts.

• Single card swipe activates the service for as long as the customer chooses to wash. The minimum startup price is still required and selectable by the car wash owner.

• Dynamic on-screen web and diagnostic reports keeps the customer in touch with the wash at all times.

Top Rated Car Wash Service 24/7

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truck1Auto Mate offers a variety of service programs to suite your needs.  We provide on-site ‘time and material” repairs as well a monthly schedule preventative maintenance programs.  We can also structure a “cost/car” program to include chemicals, labor and parts.  This program allows operators to predict maintenance cost and these costs follow your washes performance.

Auto Mate is closely aligned with other service professionals in our markets.  So if your facility requires attention out of our area of expertise, we can put you in contact with reputable plumbers, electricians, mechanical and general contractors.  We believe our success is based on your success.  We strive to bring all assets of our years of experience to share with you.


Truck & Bus Wash

Istobal’s answer to the difficult challenge of automatically washing todays over the road trucks, bus’s, school bus’s, waste hauling trucks and even heavy equipment is the “PJ AUTOMATIC ROLLOVER”. The PJ can be equipped with 2 or 3 amperage sensing electronically controlled soft poly brushes and an optional state of the art electronically guided contouring high pressure system!  This combination of touch and touch free allows owners to clean all parts of the vehicle with the right cleaning technology. Amp sensing brushes are designed to safely clean areas that can be accessed by the brush modules. A state of the art electronically guided contouring medium pressure arch and zero degree rotating water driven spinning nozzles combine to clean areas that are delicate, recessed, obstructed or impossible to reach with the brushes.

The Istobal PJ automatic is PLC driven comes with dozens of wash programs, is easily programable through the LED display command post.  THe PJ can be equipped with side medium pressure nozzles with rotating spinners where necessary creating a platform for limited touch free washing.  Medium pressure comes in two variations 60 GPM or 120 GPM and pressures can be up to 300 PSI.

The PJ can apply up to four chemicals including presoaks, wax, conditioners and of course spot free rinse for the ultimate finish in truck washing.  Truck and bus washing is a unique challenge and all washing applications must be studied to insure the proper truck and bus washing concept is created for your individual needs. Contact the Istobal truck and bus washing specialist at 1-888-927-4631 ext 203 to learn more.

Typical Wash Bay - 20 ft W x 18 ft H x 80 ft L. (actual length is longest vehicle  washed + 20 ft.)
Electrical - 230 V/ 3 Ph -60A three brush – 300A three brush plus medium pressure touch free with rotating nozzles 120 GPM @ 250 PSI pkg.
Water feed - 1″ – 2″ depending on configuration and options selected.

Standard Equipment:

  • (3) Tamped Soft Polyethylene Brush Modules Amperage Sensing
  • PLC Controlled – 75+ Standard Wash Programs
  • Photo Eye Start – On Board Lighting
  • Presoak-Rinse
  • Deluxe Covers with Istobal Decal
  • 80 Ft of Travel Rails – Cables & Hoses
  • Festoon Feed System with 2 Wall Brackets
  • Reclaim Ready
  • Standard Color – Light Gray


  • Istobal Center Bay Undercarriage (city water – medium pressure – high pressure)
  • USA Undercarriage Entry (city water – medium pressure – high pressure)
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Wax
  • SuperWax (RainX / Lustra)

Tunnel Car Wash System

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Conveyor Systems:

While there are many types of car washes to choose from, conveyor systems (or tunnels) can wash the highest volume of vehicles and generate the greatest amount of cashflow.

Conveyor car washes all have one thing in common – conveyors are used to control the speed of the wash process and increase the number of cars that can be washed per hour. Increasing the number of cars washed per hour means increasing revenue. Conveyor car washes increase volumes (car per hour) and improve quality by safely spacing vehicles and controlling speed – allowing the wash equipment to effectively clean each vehicle.

Conveyor car washes are operated as Express Exterior-only, flex-serve or full-service. Exterior only operations focus on cleaning a vehicle’s exterior, letting the motorist clean their own interior. Revenue per vehicle is lower for the exterior-only operator than for full-service, but labor costs are also lower. Full-service operations have attendants to greet, vacuum, clean windows, clean the dash, and finish drying the exterior of the vehicle. For the highest revenue potential, the large full-service car wash is the operator’s choice. However, labor requirements vary depending on the services.

Since 1960, Hanna has been the leading provider of conveyor car wash systems. The popularity of Hanna’s conveyor systems has grown due to the equipment’s flexibility, durability, longevity and functionality.

Hanna has many conveyor systems available – all adaptable to perfectly match your financial goals and site requirements. Dpending on the configuration and length of the tunnel, as many a s200+ cars can be washed per hour. With Hanna systems, you can generate additional income by offering extra services such as clearcoat, polish, wheel cleaning and underbody treatment. Hanna’s Express Exterior washes can be operated with or without attendants.

Vacuum Islands

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vacuumIslandStainless Vacuum Island are very popular at today’s car wash. They are attractive in design and color and are quick and easy to install. Typical masonry vacuum bases can be costly and time consuming to construct. Stainless steel vacuum islands arrive at your wash site ready to bolt down and cap off with concrete. Vacuum anchor bolts, trash can holder, and awning pole receptacles are set in precise position. You can choose between different combination units, single or double vacuum, decal design, awning and lettering color, trash can cover style and vending options. Custom designed to fit your location, stainless vacuum islan make it easier to get even more profits from your wash.


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Car Wash Vacuums have proven to be a very profitable source of income and are widely used in today’s car wash business. A powerful car vacuum cleaner will clean the interior of a vehicle with ease. Providing car wash vacuums at your car wash will add revenue even while the wash bays are in use.

Vending Islands

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vendingIsland5Made to order, Vending Islands create a tremendous profit center for your car wash in just a small amount of space. Available in wall-mount, hexagon, octagon, single-sided, or double-sided configurations.

Adding unique-shaped vending islands to your site creates an attractive eyecatcher. Vending Islands offer your customers a variety of car care products and you can make more money! They are colorful, useful and profitable. All units are available whith optional high security vaults.

vendingIsland1 vendingIsland2
vendingIsland3 vendingIsland4

Vending Supplies

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armorAllProducts2We supply all the vending products you would want to stock your profit centers with.
Choose from Cloth Towels, Paper Towels, Moist Wipes, California Scents, Little Tree Fragrances, Armor All Products, North American Products and more.

northAmericanProducts vendingProducts

Water Wizard 2.0

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waterwizard20Over 30 years of experience developing better performing car wash equipment has gone into the Water Wizard Touchfree Automatic car wash system. The unit is dependable and easy to maintain with built in features that save on operating costs. It’s cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and oscillating high pressure nozzles. Customers are sure to be impressed with the speed and cleaning power of the Water Wizard, touchfree automatic car wash equipment.

For more information on the Water Wizard 2.0 click here

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