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mitterHFTMFinishing Touch Mitter (HFTM)

Finishing Touch Cloth Mitter The Hanna Finishing Touch Mitter (HFTM) features two stainless steel mitter baskets that hold 160 cloth curtain strips. The baskets move diagonally opposite creating a fi gure eight curtain motion. This unique motion cleans the top horizontal surfaces of any vehicle and also does an excellent job of cleaning hard to reach vertical surfaces.
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mitterHSS-2HSS-2 Mitter

Hanna’s HSS-2 Cloth Mitter was designed to clean the top horizontal surfaces of any vehicle. The front to back cleaning motion gently cleans the vehicle without incident to roof racks, roof lights and antennas.
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Hanna Diagonal Touch Mitter (HDTM)

Hanna’s Diagonal Touch Mitter is designed for short systems and small spaces, although it can easily be added to any existing system. Compared to most other small-space mitters, Hanna’s Digital Touch Mitter has more action and delivers superior cleaning results. It is constructed of stainless steel and includes one HFTM curtain rack with 40 soft cloth curtains.
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S-20 Mitter

The S-20 Mitter Curtain is designed to use side-to-side motion to effectively clean the hood, windshield and roof of the vehicle. It consists of three solid curtains that gently clean the vehicle without incident to roof racks, roof lights and antennas, while still forming to the shape of the vehicle.
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