Compact Systems

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Compact Systems

compactSystemsHanna’s compact system pack all the power and efficiency of a conveyor system into a smaller package. After years of research, Hanna has developed the perfect balance of innovative wash material, equipment and chemical application to bring compact systems into the 21st century. Hanna’s advanced washing technology allows for more effective drying with less drip space.


Hanna’s Global Mini-Tunnel can fit in most standard rollover bays and can wash 35 to 60 cars per hour. Utilizing the most productive combination of Hanna brush components, the Global Systems is able to thouroughly wash the top horizontal and vertical surface of the vehicle. A common complaint from in-bay operators is that they just don’t was cars fast enough and long lines encourage drive-offs and missed opportunities. Hanna’s mini-tunnel is twice as fast as most in-bay automatics, which means it can double you wash volume while reducing drive-offs, turning your rollover bay into a true profit center.


Hanna’s Metrowash packs the power and efficiency of a conveyor system into a smaller package. The Metrowash can process up to 85 cars per hour and fit in a building as short as 40 feet (12.2 meters) long. It is configured for quick and esy installation and low maintenance costs. The Metrowash features mitter curtain washers to minimize the potential for vehicle incident. The Metrowash is the easiest investment decision you’ll make. Plus, operators appreciate how simple the system is to operate.

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