Express Exterior Systems

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Express Exterior Systems

expressExteriorSystemsHanna’s Ultra Express is the best choice for operators who want the look of impeccably clean, hand-finished vehicles without the labor. Through years of experience and extensive testing, Hanna has designed the most effective system for getting vehicles exceptionally clean. The secret is the right combination of chemicals, high-pressure equipment, and brushes – a 3-step configuration that optimizes cleaning performance.

  • No prepping
  • Cleaned to a shine
  • Better than hand drying

Hanna’s UltraExpress conveyor system utilizes a combinastion of high-pressure water applicators, soft cloth and foam brushes for the perfect balance of gentle yet effective cleaning. The UltraExpress System is configured to minimize vehicle incident while providing motorists with an open and inviting view through the car wash. The UltraExpress System addresses hard to clean areas such as wheels, bumpers and window edges. Hanna’s UltraExpress System utilizes five decades of car wash innovation to maximize cleaning and minimize labor.

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