Truck & Bus Wash

Istobal’s answer to the difficult challenge of automatically washing todays over the road trucks, bus’s, school bus’s, waste hauling trucks and even heavy equipment is the “PJ AUTOMATIC ROLLOVER”. The PJ can be equipped with 2 or 3 amperage sensing electronically controlled soft poly brushes and an optional state of the art electronically guided contouring high pressure system!  This combination of touch and touch free allows owners to clean all parts of the vehicle with the right cleaning technology. Amp sensing brushes are designed to safely clean areas that can be accessed by the brush modules. A state of the art electronically guided contouring medium pressure arch and zero degree rotating water driven spinning nozzles combine to clean areas that are delicate, recessed, obstructed or impossible to reach with the brushes.

The Istobal PJ automatic is PLC driven comes with dozens of wash programs, is easily programable through the LED display command post.  THe PJ can be equipped with side medium pressure nozzles with rotating spinners where necessary creating a platform for limited touch free washing.  Medium pressure comes in two variations 60 GPM or 120 GPM and pressures can be up to 300 PSI.

The PJ can apply up to four chemicals including presoaks, wax, conditioners and of course spot free rinse for the ultimate finish in truck washing.  Truck and bus washing is a unique challenge and all washing applications must be studied to insure the proper truck and bus washing concept is created for your individual needs. Contact the Istobal truck and bus washing specialist at 1-888-927-4631 ext 203 to learn more.

Typical Wash Bay - 20 ft W x 18 ft H x 80 ft L. (actual length is longest vehicle  washed + 20 ft.)
Electrical - 230 V/ 3 Ph -60A three brush – 300A three brush plus medium pressure touch free with rotating nozzles 120 GPM @ 250 PSI pkg.
Water feed - 1″ – 2″ depending on configuration and options selected.

Standard Equipment:

  • (3) Tamped Soft Polyethylene Brush Modules Amperage Sensing
  • PLC Controlled – 75+ Standard Wash Programs
  • Photo Eye Start – On Board Lighting
  • Presoak-Rinse
  • Deluxe Covers with Istobal Decal
  • 80 Ft of Travel Rails – Cables & Hoses
  • Festoon Feed System with 2 Wall Brackets
  • Reclaim Ready
  • Standard Color – Light Gray


  • Istobal Center Bay Undercarriage (city water – medium pressure – high pressure)
  • USA Undercarriage Entry (city water – medium pressure – high pressure)
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Wax
  • SuperWax (RainX / Lustra)

  • Car Wash Chemical Specials