K9000 Dog Wash

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“K9000 Dog Wash” uses the Australian made K9000 Self Service Dog Wash that allows dog owners to wash their pets in a fun, safe, effective and affordable way while getting dogs clean at a fraction of what groomers charge.

“Happy dogs mean happy people.” said Cody Elder, co-owner of “Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash”.  ”We see how popular the concept is becoming in Europe and Australia and wanted to bring the idea to Texas”.

For $10 dogs can be washed, de-flead, conditioned, rinsed and dried in a matter of minutes.  It’s all done in an easy to use self-contained, self serve unit keeping the dog happy and safe.   Last year, pet owners spent $41 billion dollars on their pets.  It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

“Dog owners treat their dogs like part of the family, and we wanted to make sure they have a place to get their dogs clean and have fun at the same time” said Elder.

The “K9000 Dog Wash” has become a fun innovative pet care center at more than 100 locations across Australia.  The Midland location will be the first of its kind in the United States.

Mr. Zippy’s Purified Ice and Water


Mr. Zippy’s Express Ice and Water House’s patented and innovative process is a revolutionary approach to delivering purified water and ice in a coin operated vending machine. This free-standing kiosk can deliver both purified ice and purified water to the consumer.

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