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Car Wash Credit Card System

swipeatthebaySwipe at the Bay – Car Wash Credit Card System• The First All-In-One device that keeps track of Cash, and Credit, without having ugly add-on boxes.

• SATB® brings credit card processing to Bays, and Vacuums.

• In-Bay Audio includes easy to follow instructions to guide your customers through the use of a credit card or cash. The audio helps customers keep track of the current wash function and the amount of time remaining (cash mode).

• 5W Audio Amplifier with water resistant speaker enclosure.

• SATB® uses a patent pending technology to authorize every credit
credit card transaction before granting service – preventing you from losing money on denied or stolen credit card accounts.

• Single card swipe activates the service for as long as the customer chooses to wash. The minimum startup price is still required and selectable by the car wash owner.

• Dynamic on-screen web and diagnostic reports keeps the customer in touch with the wash at all times.

  • Car Wash Chemical Specials