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The Design and layout of your site is important to the success of it. Before building and designing your car wash, take a look at other sites. Factors to consider are driver-friendly accessibility in and around the bays and vacuums, architectural features, landscaping, and lighting, just to name a few.

Automate will take you from a conceptual site plan to a complete set of construction drawings to a fully functioning car wash. We can work hand in hand with your engineers and architects to ensure you the highest quality car wash facility.

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Sample Site Plans

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100′ Exterior Express with Multiple Auto Bays

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100′ Exterior Tunnel with 2 Autos and 4 Self Serve Bays

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110″ Express Exterior

View PDF | Download PDF

120′ Exterior Tunnel

View PDF | Download PDF

125′ Flex Serve Tunnel Wash

View PDF | Download PDF

140′ Exterior Tunnel with 3 Self Serve Bays

View PDF | Download PDF

185′ Express Exterior with 1 Automatic Bay

View PDF | Download PDF

Idaho 4 Bay Self Serve with 2 Automatics

View PDF | Download PDF

Triangular 2 Automatics and 2 Self Serve Bay

View PDF | Download PDF

Triangular 140′ Express Exterior

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Site Consulting

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Site Consulting info

Site Selection

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Site selection is the most important part of the car wash development process.  Auto Mate brings over 50 years of combined experience in the car wash industry to the table.  We will use all of the tools available to ensure you are making the best decision on a location for a car wash.  Auto Mate will provide a detailed site analysis determining the locations potential.  This analysis contains data gathered by the International Car Wash Association along with information we obtain from local municipalities.  We consider the locations surrounding business trends, traffic counts, community growth, population density, age of community dwellers, median household incomes and other items important to a successful site.  We will also supply a site specific building and equipment layout. This will help us determine the appropriate size and type of facility for the particular location.

The right location is not the only factor that creates a great car wash.

Choosing the best equipment, service and supply are equally important.  Auto Mate believes that your success will determine our success.  We proudly supply Jim Coleman Company and Hanna car wash equipment.  Both of these companies are considered industry leaders amongst car wash professionals.  Contact us today to get started.

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