Tunnel Car Wash System

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Conveyor Systems:

While there are many types of car washes to choose from, conveyor systems (or tunnels) can wash the highest volume of vehicles and generate the greatest amount of cashflow.

Conveyor car washes all have one thing in common – conveyors are used to control the speed of the wash process and increase the number of cars that can be washed per hour. Increasing the number of cars washed per hour means increasing revenue. Conveyor car washes increase volumes (car per hour) and improve quality by safely spacing vehicles and controlling speed – allowing the wash equipment to effectively clean each vehicle.

Conveyor car washes are operated as Express Exterior-only, flex-serve or full-service. Exterior only operations focus on cleaning a vehicle’s exterior, letting the motorist clean their own interior. Revenue per vehicle is lower for the exterior-only operator than for full-service, but labor costs are also lower. Full-service operations have attendants to greet, vacuum, clean windows, clean the dash, and finish drying the exterior of the vehicle. For the highest revenue potential, the large full-service car wash is the operator’s choice. However, labor requirements vary depending on the services.

Since 1960, Hanna has been the leading provider of conveyor car wash systems. The popularity of Hanna’s conveyor systems has grown due to the equipment’s flexibility, durability, longevity and functionality.

Hanna has many conveyor systems available – all adaptable to perfectly match your financial goals and site requirements. Dpending on the configuration and length of the tunnel, as many a s200+ cars can be washed per hour. With Hanna systems, you can generate additional income by offering extra services such as clearcoat, polish, wheel cleaning and underbody treatment. Hanna’s Express Exterior washes can be operated with or without attendants.

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