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Istobal’s “MODULAR ENCLOSURES” are the industries fastest most cost efficient way to house your car washing equipment and business. Built of aluminum, galvanized steel columns, polycarbonate and dual pane glass, the Istobal enclosures are as attractive as they are practical.  Modular in design, available in over 20 colors that perfectly match Istobal washing equipment, your own car wash identity is just a click away! Self -serve , automatic,  twin automatics, conveyor, multiple configurations are available!  Imagine a beautiful, safe, attractive car wash enclosure constructed on your site and in operation in less than two weeks! The Istobal enclosures are constructed in 10.5 (Ten & One Half) foot sections and 1 (One) meter sections.  This allows for an unlimited amount of length and design criteria.  Whatever your space requirement is Istobal enclosures can fill your needs.  Istobal enclosures cost less to build, are inviting to your customers, and get you in business faster than any other system on the market today! With Istobal enclosures and our design services you truly can go from “Dirt to Dollars” in just a few days!

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