M’NEX 22

May 11, 2012 by  
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The new ”M’NEX 22″  model combines the highest quality wash with an innovative and attractive new design.  A rollover with great possibilities thanks to the modular philosophy of its design.  This unique feature means a long list of optional extras can be added to the standard M’NEX 22 to make it the most complete and reliable of machines.

Configuration of up to 15 different programs with complete flexibility and adaptable to the specific needs of each customer.  A silent, gentle yet effective wash, designed to pamper the vehicle. Perfect control of the pressure applied by the three brushes makes this possible.

The new generation of M’NEX Rollovers is outstanding in so many ways and all of them important for our customers because it has a virtue which makes it different: its adaptability.  The systems of this range have been designed and developed to cover each and every need, and have infinite optional items to create the perfect machine.

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