The 12 Steps

12 Steps to Building a Car Wash

The following is a list of the typical steps you will follow when building a self-serve car wash. (Proper zoning is assumed.)

  1. Estimate cost of construction at $60,000.00 per self-serve bay and $120,000.00 per automatic bay (includes equipment) and complete site analysis questionnaire for return on investment estimates.
  2. Obtain a water, sewer, electric and gas availability letter from local utility authorities.
  3. Select equipment supplier.
  4. Work with local architect/engineer and equipment supplier to discuss local building codes and necessary utility requirements.
  5. Architect/engineer draws complete set of building plans.
  6. Submit plans to city for permitting and to potential contractors for construction bidding.
  7. Finalize equipment order and select building contractor.
  8. Obtain building permit and start construction
  9. Make application for utilities… gas, electric and water/sewer.
  10. Complete construction and install car wash equipment.
  11. Utilities turned on and car wash equipment started up.
  12. Obtain occupancy permit and open your car wash for business!